Paul's Warehouse selects 24Seven Cart's Multi-Store Solution to run its ecommerce business

Published: 18th January 2012
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The company

Paulís Warehouse is leader in discount sports retail and operates 15 retail stores spread over New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania in Australia. Products such as footwear, apparel, Gym equipment and other major sporting accessories are offered at discounted rates throughout the year by Paulís warehouse.

Paulís warehouse, started as a family owned business this store has grown in leaps and bounds and is currently celebrating its 24th year of existence in discount retail segment. Paulís warehouse was the first Australian sports retailer which imported and offered sporting goods , surf wear and brought leading sports brands like Billabong, Havaianas, Globe, DC Shoe Co, Etnies, Hurley and many more to Australia.
The real attraction remains best deals which Paulísí warehouse offers to its customers through its presence with such a large number of retail outlets and simplified e-commerce website or web store which is revolutionary in discounted sporting retail segment.


Paulís warehouse each retail outlets used Microsoft RMS as point of sale application to manage inventory, accounting and sales orders for smooth operation. These outlets were well equipped to ship orders. Paulís warehouse management was looking out for solutions to interlink all the retail outlets.

Being a discount store Paulís warehouse ran different discount scheme and buy one get one free scheme in footwear is one of the revolutionary schemes which was required to be incorporated and tracked to attract more customers.

Paulís warehouse were looking out for regular updates of new products as crackers of the week and a simple access point to download and upload the product details in tabular form and change them according to the product specifications.

Numerous regular customer of Paulís warehouse enjoyed the status of VIP customer and got more discounts on purchase of products frequently. A proper application to check validity of customer as VIP at the RMS backend was required to attract more customers to become VIP members and enjoy the benefits.

As an efficient web store Paulís warehouse also wanted to display the shipping rates of the product from different store locations and a real time mechanism to track and update status of orders from different locations on the website.

With ever growing e-commerce market Paulís warehouse was eager to maintain its market leader position in this domain and wanted a customized e-commerce solution which can take care of the specific requirements and also provide some additional features.


Delivering solution which can cover all the major requirement of Paulís warehouse was a major task and 24SevenCart with it robust shopping cart and features of dynamic RMS was an amicable solution. A solution was required to be developed keeping in mind the usage of the website, ease of work for warehouse managers, providing benefits to the users and combining the entire retail stores under one web store.

The web store required new and latest retail management software which can be customized easily and linked to each retail outlets to enable updates in the RMS database on a regular basis.

The solution was designed keeping in mind the Paulís warehouse basic business model as it is a prominent retail outlet and required host of feature which can supplement the growth of the company. We have to provide solution to the company to offer better features to its customers rather than being an e-commerce store.

24Seven Cart solution for Paulís Warehouse


24SevenCart solution for Paulís warehouse started with providing integrated independent RMS links to each of the 15 stores. Each store was now enabled to update their inventory, sales and order details in singular RMS database.

Ecommerce website

24SevenCart designed and developed an e-commerce website connected with all the RMS links of the respective stores. This feature enables Paulís warehouse to showcase the list and range of products offered at various stores at one place.

The same web store ecommerce feature also enables Paulís warehouse to segregate the order received from the customer and send it to the nearest store location or to store where the product is available in the stock.

At backend of the website one can easily update the product details using the EXPORT / IMPORT feature provided by 24SevenCart which enables the details of the websites to be downloaded in excel format for modification.

Shipping rates and tracking

Most of these web stores have a fixed shipping rates and condition which are displayed with the maximum retail price of the product on the product page. 24SevenCart included the shipping matrix of the Paulís warehouse with rates and conditions into the database which enabled display of appropriate shipping rates and conditions for each and every product for all store locations.

24sevencart also deployed a tracking mechanism in the web store through which customers can track their orders online any time.

VIP customers

24SevenCart marked VIP customers in the RMS Account number and installed application to check each and every customer logged in against the extensive database of customers and delivers higher discount rates to customers which are confirmed as VIP members of the Paulís warehouse store.

Splitting and modification of order

24SevenCart integrated unique solution for Paulís warehouse where it can split a customerís bulk order at the backend and send split orders to the respected stores. This enables Paulís warehouse to divert orders to stores where products are available. The completed order is thus, sent to the customer in different shipment from different warehouses.

Paul warehouse can easily edit, delete and modify the orders received from the customers end.

Additional Features

24SevenCart installed St. George Payment Gateway for online transactions happening over the ecommerce website.

Inbuilt SEO feature of 24SevenCart on the product page searches relevant products easily and filter option is provided on the product page for advance search which filters products and items on the product page on the basis of the department and supplier store details.

Custom messages appear on the website on addition of specific products which have some particular discount or schemes associated or running with them.


24SevenCart offered Paulís warehouse a fully customized solution to track down inventory, orders, sales, schemes, payments and shipping. A fully fledged e-commerce website connected all the stores through RMS links which enhanced the users experience in online shopping.

The integration of 24SevenCart saves time and money in updating the information related to inventory and operations as all the links
corresponds to the RMS database directly.

Earlier it was impossible to deliver products which were out of stock, after installing 24Seven Cart one can fulfill the order provided by the customer by redirecting the order to the required store.

Online shopping cart and the ecommerce web store designed by 24SevenCart for Paulís warehouse provides customers multiple options and array of choices with a better navigation and informative features.

The essence of Paulís warehouse tagline that ďDonít pay full Price, Pay Paulís PriceĒ has also been shown by 24SevenCart as this customized solution is installed at a very cost effective price which has helped Paulís warehouse to reap rich dividends.

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